Sunday, November 24, 2013

Our Market Stall

Well we had a fun day at our market stall last Saturday, dispite the heavy rain but luckily no wind.  I don't usually put pics of me up here but this was the only pic we ended up taking right at the start. This was very early in the morning to lol , I had 3 good sales and was very happy with the day.  My friend Mary was with me as well and had a few of her pieces on this table to. We had a good gossip with other stall holders and had some really good feedback for the day. so all in all a happy day

This is the latest one ive finished, it has a lot of mirror and was very hard to take a pic off without see me looking back lol 

Were having another market day in about 2 weeks so im already working on some more pieces   Im so in love with everything about mosaics :)


  1. These pieces are truly beautiful. Mosaics are fascinating and have been around since ancient times.

  2. Thankyou Judy, they fascinate me to and I just love everything about it, especially working with glass :)

  3. Your mosaics are gorgeous, Kaz :) I'm glad you're enjoying it and selling pieces too!

  4. Thankyou Zed, I think I've shocked myself that im happy to sell this time lol

  5. Gorgeous mosaic Karen - love the spirals! Glad you had some good sales :)

  6. Such nice art pieces. Good to have some sales. They are pretty decoration.


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