Saturday, November 16, 2013

My First Torso

I could not wait to make a start on this girl so I got the most beautiful blue green glass I could find here and took the plunge, im loving the way shes coming together so far so I thought i'd show a sneak peak of where im at. 
 So here she is in a couple of different stages and i'll put some more pics up as I go.

Depending on the light you can see a lot of the green but its mainly blue, I love the color and boy does she sparkle lol


  1. Looking good, Kaz! Is that Van Gogh glass?

  2. Thanks zed. No it just a gorgeous piece of leadlight glass I bought to cut up ♥

  3. Will this stay on the manikin or will it be independent?

  4. It will stay on her Judy, there glued on and when finished she'll be grouted and permanent :)


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