Thursday, September 5, 2013

Brand New Blog

This is my new blog all about Mosaics. I haven't touch anything like this in about 10 years, I went on to do all sorts of different things, mainly felting and anything fibre related and really loved that and I really want to thank Ruth, Ann and Zed from here for all your patients. The 4 of us started here but I know in my heart that i'm actually in the right place now and doing the right thing.
 This last year I  kind of went to a dark place with lots of things that have happened in our family, namely Hubby getting pretty sick with a Lung Disease, but i'm happy to say that he's doing really well at the moment and things are looking up.  I couldn't shake my black mood and ended up with a touch of depression,I didn't want to do anything let alone get out of bed, and then a friend mentioned that we should do some mosaics again,   it was the first time in what seemed like a long time that I started to feel a bit of excitement and was looking forward to starting.  I thought I would just do one or two and leave it but now I really feel a passion kicking in and I know that after all my searching for just the right thing, I've found it and i'm loving it. Its been a long year and I feel like things are finally starting to brighten up.

These are my first Mosaics in a long time , this first one is all glass with tiny beads on her eyes and lips, im so happy with the way she turned out

This is made from tiles and now sits on my brick wall outside, im doing a sort of matching one for the other side of the wall but in different colors
This one is also all glass and butterfly beads .I really love working with glass the best :)


  1. They're all gorgeous, Kaz :)

  2. Thankyou Zed, Im loving this :)xo

  3. Great work Karen.. I LOVE the sun flower panel!

    I tried to follow you but it just gave me a page of code.. I'll try again later

  4. All of your mosaics are wonderful Karen. I can't wait to see more! :)

  5. Thankyou so much Deborah and Ruth
    Deborah i'll try to rectify that lol xoxoxo

  6. Hi Karen, thanks for your message :) it was lovely to hear from you.. I'm glad things are looking up!
    I just tried following again and its still giving me a page of code.. :(

    1. Thanks again Deborah, I can see you in my friend list now so hopefully its all good xo


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